Wednesday, August 20, 2014

International Homeless Animals Day 2014 - How You Can Help Homeless Animals

Every year local pet shelters and animal rescue organization are overwhelmed by overpopulation. The consequence is many animal are euthanized when homes can't be found for them. Saturday, August 16th was designated for the purpose of bring attention to the problem of homelessness. 

International Homeless Animals’ Day 2014 may be limited to one weekend, but it could be a starting point for you. Here are things you can do?
  • A Forever Home-of course number one on the list is to adopt a homeless pet.
  • Foster-for those of you cannot give a forever home, but have a little extra love, space and time consider fostering. 
  • Just a Little of Your Time- volunteering doesn't cost anything, but your time and can make a world of difference to shelters and rescues.  Check out to find a rescue or shelter near you that needs help
  • Donations- Cash or much needed supplies. Most organizations run on a very tight budget and every little bit helps.
  • Be the Voice- in person or via social media. Let your world know about the needs of our homeless pet population.
  • Let Your Wallet Do the Talking-consider doing  businesses with those organizations that support animal causes
  • Walk the Talk-participate in events that help shelters and rescues
  • Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve-wear a t-shirt with the message, put on a bumper stickers, key chains, etc. they can start a conversation.