Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Cat with Renal Failure Recovers Using Supplements


"I can't tell you how much I appreciate Ask Ariel products and Susan Davis. Nutmeg is the THIRD kitty we have had with acute renal failure. She, like the others, was given a grim prognosis. I immediately started the regimen of RENELIX, as well as dietary advice given to me by Susan Davis back in 2007. This was in addition to aggressive IV and then subcutaneous rehydration. Within 3 days, Nutmeg's labs went from over triple the normal range to just slightly elevated. 

The owner of the veterinary clinic told me "If anyone can get her through this, it is you." However, I am a firm believer that  RENELIX is the key factor in my "Nutty's surviving"!

Ask Ariel products have never done us wrong. Years ago, our Border Collie Reagan had allergies that caused him to have a large bald spot on his back. We had tried multiple products, including steroids, with no success. After one course of PROALLER, and dietary advice from Susan Davis, his reactions completely resolved! His fur grew back beautifully, and I must admit, he now even eats peanut butter with no more reactions! Others who I advised to try PROALLER say they have had the same amazing results!
Thank you, again, Susan! I will always consult you first with any pet issues we have!"

Suzanne Reilly
Palm City, FL