Tuesday, May 6, 2014

When You Feel Like You Are Not A Good Pet Owner

Have you ever felt this way? Recently have received a few emails from great pet owners contacting us because they wonder that they are not "good enough" or the right fit for their pets. The owner can feel badly because their pet is not feeling well or having immune challenges and the pet owner becomes frustrated thinking it is somehow their fault or that somehow they are not doing enough for their pet. The person may be working full time, or not be able to spend as much time with the pet as they would like to. Well....just the fact that the person is feeling this way, is a sign that the pet owner IS a good owner, IS sensitive to their pet's needs and is kind enough to care. It the people who leave their dogs all day in the sun with no water, or "forget" to feed their pets because they are too busy, that should be feeling this way. Please remember, your pets do love you and you are a good pet owner. Sometimes pets are just reflecting sadness, because you may be sad. Sometimes, it is just a tough time, but the sun will shine through again!  Give your pet a hug and spend extra time at your next opportunity.