Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Dog Liver Cancer: Holistic Treatments Can Help

The liver is a major organ that helps to detoxify the body.  It is also the organ that carcinogens and toxic compounds pass through, which can be a factor in dogs developing liver cancer. In addition, similar to people, the liver can also be an organ into which a primary cancer (in another part of the body) can metastasize to, accelerating the spread of the cancer to other parts of the body. It is very hard to detect canine liver cancer in the early stages of the disease. Some of the initial signs may be abdominal pain, inappetance, excessive weight loss, or a mass in the abdomen may be felt by your veterinarian.  A definitive diagnosis of canine liver cancer can only be obtained when a liver biopsy is done.

 In conjunction with conventional veterinary care, holistic care can be of help to your pet. Since the liver can regenerate new tissue, it is one of the few types of cancer, where we have seen especially good results in dogs.   Several of our clients have sent us testimonials about their dogs living far longer than prognosis, even with large masses, using a holistic approach, along with their veterinarian's recommendations.


"Thrilled to have had ONE additional year...IN January 2*0*1*2, I was informed that my girl, GRETA who is closest to me, sleeps by my side, accompanies me most anywhere, etc had TWO to FOUR weeks to live at the most..I was told she had inoperable liver cancer that had already spread to her lungs and was quite widespread.   Click here to view full testimonial