Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Memorial for Two Cherished Dogs

                               Guy Richardson with Sparky and Kona

It is so hard to lose a beloved pet but especially difficult during the holidays.  Guy and Jimmy said goodbye to their precious Sparky on Wed. November 27, 2013 which was the day before Thanksgiving.  Here is Guy Richardson's wonderful recollections of his two cherished dogs which are pictured with him.  

Kona – Born on Halloween 1994, we discovered Kona at age 7 weeks in a pet store on December 26 – the only puppy that did not get sold for Christmas. So he became our best Christmas present ever. Kona  truly enjoyed his role as Chief of Security. Kona was 100% effective; never a break in or burglary. And that bark! There was a front security door that Kona loved to sit near when the front door was open for ventilation. Those coming up the drive couldn’t see Kona behind the security door, but nobody could ignore his bark once he became aware of them. Kona was the most fun Frisbee partner one could ever have. Total enthusiasm retrieving the disc with every throw without ever tiring. Everybody loved watching Kona play Frisbee with his Daddy at the park. And of course the countless hikes. When his Daddy found out from his doctor that hiking was the best workout for him, he began a 3-hike a week regimen that not only got Daddy in shape but allowed for the best bonding ever with his beloved Kona. Kona’s extreme hip dysplasia diagnosed at age 10 slowed him down, but never diminished his love of hiking with Daddy. Even though there may have been some pain involved, he wanted to be on every single hike which kept him in shape up age 15. Kona hiked with his Daddy until about six weeks before his passing in January of 2010.

Sparky –We met Sparky when he was age 7 when the renters across the street got him from the pound. It was love at first sight! We loved Sparky and he loved us – we just knew. Sparky began jumping their fence and coming over to our house. We wound up having cell numbers for everyone that lived over there to notify them when we found Sparky at our house. If we were gone and the front door was open, our dog Kona would be on the other side of the security door and they would commune with each other. That’s when they became buddies; Sparky and Kona really loved each other. Then on February 6, 2007, those neighbors came to our door with Sparky asking if we wanted him because they had to move to an apartment that did not allow pets. We joyously accepted and Sparky’s loving sweetness was ours to enjoy every day. Sparky loved every human he encountered and his sweetness is irreplaceable. Sparky was insistent on sleeping on our bed every night – all 55 pounds of him. He was having it no other way and we could not resist. Sparky and Kona became wonderful hiking buddies when Daddy took them along for hikes three times every week. After we said goodbye to Kona in January 2010, Sparky was diagnosed with Spinal Arthritis in February 2011. Soon after, Sparky needed help getting in the back seat. He’d put his front paws up on the floor board and Daddy would lift him by the rear hips; Sparky then put his front paws up the seat and Daddy moved his rear paws into position on the seat. The last couple of years of his life, Daddy had to have Sparky’s seat belt harness on him so he could lift him in.