Thursday, October 31, 2013

Dog Daycare: Reducing Stress Can Keep Your Dog Healthy

dogs enjoying doggie daycare

Dog daycare can be a great option in today's busy lifestyle, but is it right for your pet?  We all face times when we need to be away from our dogs and help is needed.  The options include friends and family, pet sitters, traditional boarding facilities and now dog daycare.The main benefits of dog daycare are:
  • Less boredom, greatly reduces stress
  • Help with loneliness and the anxiety that loneliness can cause in dogs (including separation anxiety)
  • Socialization with people
  • Exercise and socialization with other dogs
  • Burning off energy can curb destructive behavior vs. in the house when unsupervised
  • Removal of guilt for pet parents who feel badly about leaving their dogs home alone all day
  • Happiness that they are having FUN
There are many daycare facilities available.  Some pet hotels offer day play and then cage boarding at night.  Leaving a dog in a cage can cause such distress that it weakens a pet's immune system.  Pets that are stressed can develop digestive disorders and skin infections.  People don't realize that our sweet furry friends can become very stressed which makes them sick.  It is quite common for pets left in cages (especially at veterinary facilities) to come home with illnesses.  Pets, even young pets can develop a variety of health problems so keeping your pet happy will make a big difference.