Thursday, September 12, 2013

Raw chicken can cause food allergies in dogs and cats

Raw Chicken is still chicken and could be an allergen for your dog or cats.  There is a popular opinion that if a cat or dog has allergies and then eats raw food, their allergy symptoms such as diarrhea, eye staining, itching, scratching and hair loss will improve.  Yes, it is true that raw food is easier to digest and anytime a pet is switched from dry kibble for example to a raw frozen diet, it is typical to see improved digestive symptoms which in turn can improve allergy symptoms.  However, if a cat or dog is allergic to chicken or poultry, whether the food is raw, cooked, overcooked or in whatever form---it is still chicken.   To learn more about why chicken could be a potential allergen for your dog or cat, please read this detailed article about chicken food allergies.  So, many pet owners can become extremely frustrated and erroneously conclude that a raw diet won't help their pet's allergies, when in fact it can.  But, what is important, is to understand that when choosing a raw frozen diet, the pet owner needs to look for a hypoallergenic "novel" protein such as rabbit.  Rabbit seems to work very well for dogs and cats with allergies.