Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Yorkie's Bad Breath Can Be Helped Without Crunchy Dry Food

Q;  My 2 year yorkie has terrible breath.  I have been feeding him a premium dry food because I read that would help his teeth.  Can you recommend something for his bad breath?

A:  So glad you asked this question as this is a common myth about bad dog breath and eating "crunchy kibble".  One reason pet's can get bad breath is because they have acid stomach and undigested food in intestinal tract and stomach.  The pet could have food allergies or eating pet foods that contain fillers that are hard to digest. Dry food, as compared to high moisture raw, canned or homemade is much harder to digest AND it does not help with your yorkie's teeth.  What will help your yorkie's teeth and breath is using a high moisture, hypoallergenic diet and it is essential to use a few supplements to improve your dog's digestive health.  Power Probiotic and Soothing Digestive Relief Formula will help your yorkie digest his food and reduce stomach pain and intestinal discomfort that contribute to bad breath.  Also, Colostrum for Pets is an excellent option for preventing gingivitis and supporting periodontal health in dogs and cats.