Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Abyssinian Cat Has Kidney Amyloidosis: Supplements Can Help Reduce Protein Loss

Dear Ask Ariel:  My Abyssinian kitty has been diagnosed with kidney amyloidosis.  We are devastated and want to do everything we can to help her. We are giving her the prescription food but wondering if there is any supplement that will help her condition? 

Ask Ariel:  So sorry about your Abyssinian being diagnosed with this condition.  There is a lot more you can do to help.  These supplements can help reduce the abnormal protein deposits and reduce the excess protein loss in the urine.   Our clients have reported that they are pretty straightforward to administer to cats as well.

Kidney Health Protein Support For Pets  This is a powerful enzyme that breaks down protein, helping to reduce the workload on the kidneys.  It also seems to reduce the amount of excess protein lost in the urine.  Just sprinkle on food.  Most pets seem to like the taste.

Renelix  This is a liquid formula that detoxifies the kidneys and helps to flush out toxins.  We have had excellent results using the Renelix for conditions such as urinary crystals, bladder stones, kidney disease, incontinence and amyloidosis.