Sunday, May 26, 2013

In Memory of Beautiful Bleu, Our Beloved Siberian Husky

On November 26, 2012 we lost our beloved Siberian Husky Bleu to spinal cancer.  Bleu had just reached his 9th birthday.  He was far too young to die at such a young age.  We will miss him forever.

Bleu was brought to a high kill shelter when he was only a year old by his owners who bought him from a breeder.  He had pancreatitis and digestive problems  so they advised the shelter not to put him up for adoption.  Husky Haven of LA rescued him and kept him for several years.

Bleu was a happy, playful dog that had special needs as he had a very sensitive stomach and malabsorption.  We kept him going strong using supplements such as K9 Digestive Enzymes and Power Probiotic  which helped him gain weight and absorb his food.

Bleu could run like the wind......
and so it was a complete shock to us that he started to slow down suddenly.  We noticed he didn't want to jump in the van any more and that he didn't curl up in a ball like he used to.  It was subtle at first but then he collapsed in the kitchen knocking over a dish.  We were advised by several veterinarians and specialists that Bleu most likely had disk issues but when he did not respond to treatment, we insisted on an MRI. That was when we received the shocking news---Bleu had spinal cancer.

We got Bleu the best radiation, supplements and holistic care and he made a valiant fight.  He was such a warrier up until the end.  Today is 6 months since we lost him and it still feels like yesterday.  It is hard to think about those last few days but at least we know we did everything possible to save his life and that thanks to the miracle of medicine and GETTING THE MEDICAL TESTS, we knew why he died.  It seems that a lot of times, our pets crash at the end of their lives and not only do we miss them, we are bewildered as we don't even understand the disease that took them.   Even though many specialists told us it was just a back issue, we are so glad we went further and did the tests so that we knew what we were up against.  Rest in peace Prince Bleu.  You are always in our hearts.