Friday, April 12, 2013

Melanoma on Dog's Eye

Melanoma Warning---Dogs can get melanoma in very subtle places such as the eye lid, corners of the eye, on paw digits or even in the eye. Catching the melanoma early can (just like with people) prevent the cancer from metastasizing. Above is a picture of Legend, a 4 year old Siberian Husky who developed a melanoma cancerous growth in the corner of his eye.  This was a very unusual place for cancer to grow but it did.  Fortunately, we caught it very early before it had become malignant melanoma which can spread to the mouth.

 If any small growths are found anywhere on your dog or cat, don't assume they are "aging" warts---get them biopsied immediately. What is important to note is that a TINY growth such as melanoma can metastasize from the skin to the entire body quickly. Please watch for all skin growths on yourself and your pets!

If your dog has been diagnosed with cancer or melanoma, there is a lot you can do from a holistic standpoint.  To learn more about symptoms of cancer in dogs, melanoma and holistic treatments, please visit our Cancer Page