Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Neglected Elderly Dog Saved Just In Time

Please help Aspen and donate to Husky Haven of LA. We are fostering this severely abused senior dog who deserves a second chance at life. Her owners dropped her off at Downey Shelter, a high kill shelter, claiming they "found her" so they didn't have to pay for her euthanasia. Deaf from a severe ear infection, barely able to walk, covered in sores.....we are pulling this sweet dog out of the darkness. Help is needed!

“Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them, humanity cannot survive.”― Dalai Lama XIV,

..And so our 'ol gal, "ANGEL", now "ASPEN", is in the nurturing hands of our good friend and fellow rescuer, Susan Davis, Founder of Ariel Rescue & Ask Ariel.com. Angel is the sweet gal we saw turned in at the Downey shelter tied up to a rope, filthy & uncared for. WE have had NO interest for a possible adoption at all. Susan is allowing ASPEN to enjoy the beauty of Dana Point while her medical ailments are being diagnosed further....It has been discovered she has a tooth abscess that needs to be removed, she is being given natural remedies for bone spurs and still treating an infection. Supplements such as Purrfect Pet CoQ10 are helping her. Yeah, she has an assortment of old age warts, a bit of a limp etc., which all add to her character. She is so appreciative of any kindness and tenderness being given to her. We wish we could help more seniors but get little interest offering permanent homes. Remember: FOR only $15 a month, ASPEN and all adopters are covered by vet insurance!!!! IF YOU CAN find a space in your heart to help with her vet needs or OFFER her the comfort and love of a home through her final years........the REWARD is immeasurable.