Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Bailey Has Found Her Forever Home!

From Abandoned and Scared To Cherished & Loved: Bailey has found her forever home!

Pictured above is Bailey, a very friendly 2 year old Cairn Terrier mix. Bailey came into the Orange County Shelter as a stray. She was in the shelter for a long time and her time was running out. She needed Ariel Rescue’s help! Ariel Rescue rescued Bailey from the shelter. Then the good times began!

She was given good food to eat and lots of love from her foster mom and all the Ariel Rescue volunteers. She was given a "beauty bath" and a brand new dog emerged from all that dry, dirty fur. Bailey was now a happy, healthy dog ready to play and have fun!

Bailey was adopted by her new "dad". Her dad works out of the home and he already had a Golden Retriever. Her dad was looking for a happy, friendly dog that could be a good role-model companion for his Golden Retriever, who was a very timid dog. Bailey was the perfect dog! Bailey knew how to have fun and she let her new “brother” know that everything was going to be okay!

Now Bailey and her Golden Retriever brother go on walks together, and her brother is no longer afraid of going on walks. He has his “sister” Bailey, to keep him company and lead the way. Bailey never has to worry about being overlooked ever again.