Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sutter Has Found His Forever Home!

From Abandoned and Scared To Cherished & Loved: Sutter has found his forever home!

Pictured above is Sutter, a beautiful 2 year old Boxer. Sutter came into the Orange County Shelter as a stray at one year old. At that time, he was adopted out of the shelter and then returned a whole year later. Sutter was very confused and scared. He didn't know why he was back at the very scary shelter. Sutter's fur was very dirty and his skin was very dry. He had very severe ear infections in both his ears. He was a dog that was in a lot of pain. No one wanted to adopt Sutter, because he had been returned back to the shelter. Many dogs got adopted during the time that Sutter was in the shelter, but no one could see what a special dog Sutter was. That is when Ariel Rescue stepped in and adopted Sutter.

Sutter was no longer the overlooked dog. Sutter was given medication for his ear infections. Soon his ears were feeling much better! Sutter was given good food to eat and lots of love from his foster mom and all the Ariel Rescue volunteers. He was given a "beauty bath" and a brand new dog emerged from all that dry, dirty fur. Sutter now had smooth, sleek, shiny fur and was the picture of health. Sutter was now a happy, healthy dog ready to play and have fun! Sutter was adopted by his new "mom" and "dad". Sutter likes to hang out in his new bed, right by the computer where his mom does her work. Sutter brings his toys to his mom, so that she can take a break from work and play with Sutter. Sutter is now the pampered, cherished boxer that he should be. Sutter never has to worry about being overlooked ever again.

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