Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Puppy with Demodex Mange Gets New "Leash" on Life

Annie was in big trouble. She was at the Orange County Animal Care Center, which is a high-kill shelter in Orange, California. Annie was being kept in isolation because she had tested positive for Demodectic Mange. All dogs have demodectic mange, but their healthy immune systems keep it under control.

Annie's immune system was compromised because of the stress of having to survive on the streets. She was four months old when she was brought to the shelter. The shelter had her listed as a male, and they had named her "Comet". She was not up for adoption to the general public. She had fur loss on her face and on her front legs.

Ariel Rescue saw that she needed our help! An Ariel Rescue volunteer was allowed to visit with "him". The kennel attendant had been told not to touch the dog and only to let the Ariel Rescue volunteer go into the kennel to visit with "him". The volunteer saw that "Comet" was just a sweet puppy, so the volunteer went to adopt "him". The volunteer was told that "Comet" could not stay at the shelter to be neutered; "he" had to be removed from the shelter immediately.

The volunteer took "Comet" to the vet to be examined. Imagine the volunteer's surprise when they found out that "Comet" was a female! New name -- "Annie". The vet said that they should wait a few weeks before Annie could be spayed, to give Annie's immune system a chance to improve.

Meanwhile Annie was being fostered by an Ariel Rescue volunteer. Annie was given very healthy food to eat. Susan Davis, the nutritionist of, recommended that Annie be given the supplements Amazing Omegas, Power Probiotic and NotaSAN capsules, to help boost her immune system and get her skin and coat back into good condition.

What a difference a month makes! Annie's skin and coat have improved dramatically. Annie was able to be spayed and she bounced back nicely from the surgery. Annie, now named Lexi, got to go to her "forever home"! Instead of her life being in danger at the high-kill shelter, she is now safe, completely healthly and most of all, well-loved, living with her new "brother", and her new mom. Lexi is now the happy little puppy that she deserves to be!