Monday, October 10, 2011

Labratory Tests (Blood and Urine) Are Essential to Pet Health

Have you brought your pet into the veterinarian for an annual check-up? Plan ahead before the holiday rush and bring your pet in for annual blood and laboratory tests as well as a complete health and dental exam. A visit to the vet is not just for vaccinations. Also, be sure to request a fecal exam too. Many pets can have worms, parasites and giardia without symptoms. These are highly contagious to other pets.

Before the holidays come upon us, be sure to have your pet completely checked out. Disease sets in long before you see the symptoms. For example, kidney disease doesn't even show up as abnormal on your pet's blood test (values are Creatitine, BUN and phosphorous) until your pet has lost 75% kidney function. Discovering problems at their initial stages is the key to keeping your pets happy and healthy. Be proactive about your pet's good health. Early detection of common health problems such as elevated liver enzymes, kidney disease, and diabetes will help ensure you will have lots of extra time to spend with your beloved pet.