Wednesday, August 17, 2011

In Memory of Maverick

In Memory Of Maverick

Expressing my heartfelt sympathy for Karen, Ask Ariel Office Manager who lost her beloved Maverick today. Maverick fought a very long multi-year fight with cancer and diabetes and died as a very senior pet (over 15 years old) with his Mom today. Karen took amazing care of Maverick and dedicated her entire life's schedule to care for him and ensure he received his insulin shots on time.

Karen rescued Maverick after his original owner died and due to her loving care, he was able to live a high quality and long life in such a loving home. At the time she rescued him, Maverick was in a state of ketoacidosis and liver dysfunction. Karen nursed him back to health, gave him a proper diet and helped Maverick regain his health.

Karen is also the head volunteer of Ariel Rescue and tirelessly gives of her time to help save so many desperate dogs at the shelters. My favorite story about Karen is when she drove several hours to help out another rural rescue whose dogs were all going to be euthanized. On the way back, there was a deep fog and it took Karen much longer to drive home than anticipated. The vet hospital where she had planned to bring all the dogs was now closed so she had no choice but to find places for all of them in her house for the night. She had to bring 11 dogs to her home that evening and when her little boy (now a college graduate) woke up to go to the bathroom, he found puppies in there and threatened to call Daddy who was on a business trip! Karen will do anything to help an animal in need and our hearts and prayers go out to her during this difficult time.