Friday, July 29, 2011

Mr. Bojangles Is Dancing Again!

From Worthless and Abandoned To Cherished & Loved: Mr. Bojangles is Dancing Again!

Pictured above is Mr. Bojangles, a 4 year old Italian Greyhound Miniature Poodle mix. Mr. Bojangles came into the Orange County Shelter as a stray. He was covered with mats and you couldn't even see his face under all his matted hair. His skin was in very bad condition due to having fleas and matted fur.

The Orange County Animal Care Center had a special adoption event where all the adoption fees were waived and the dogs could be adopted for free. Still Mr. Bojangles did not get taken out of the shelter. His value was "worthless" and no one was even willing to take him.

The next day, Ariel Rescue adopted him and gave him a "beauty bath and haircut". A brand new dog emerged from all that matted hair. Mr. Bojangles was a happy, healthy dog ready to play and have fun!

Mr. Bojangles was adopted by a couple who have a female Bichon Frise. Mr. Bojangles never has to worry about being overlooked ever again. He is now the pampered, cherished pup that he should be.

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