Saturday, July 16, 2011

Labrador Has Allergies, Skin Problems and Yeast in Ears--Gets Better Using Natural Alternatives To Cortisone

"Bruiser, our labrador retriever, had chronic yeast, ear infections and skin problems. We had been to the veterinarian many times but the problem would just come back. We scheduled a consultation with Susan Davis and followed her dietary and supplement recommendations. Bruiser's yeast finally cleared up and I receive many complements on how nice his coat looks. It was the best consultation fee I could have spent"

-Genette, Hawaii

An integral component of dog allergies is inflammation as the immune system reacts to the unwanted substance. One conventional veterinary treatment for allergies is cortisone which treats the symptoms of allergies (e.g. itching) but not the root cause. Cortisone has many long-term side effects, especially if used for more than a few weeks.  If your dog or cat has chronic, severe allergies and you have already tried modifying the diet, then Immune Harmony should be your next step in supporting your pet's immune function.

Another thing you can try is an air purifier which can be very helpful in reducing environmental allergies. Our natural anti-infection formula can be used topically to help heal hot spots. Allergy testing and desensitization can also be effective, although rarely 100% effective, in eliminating allergies in dogs and cats.

REMEMBER: Allergies in dogs and cats are a symptom rather than a cause in themselves. They often occur as a result of the long-term build-up of toxins and so the goal is to detoxify the body and enhance the immune system as well as to treat the overall allergy symptoms.

1) Be sure you are using a hypoallergenic, low carbohydrate diet.
2) Try using basic allergy support such as Amazing Omegas fish oil
3) Bathe your pet regularly during the hot summer months using a medicated shampoo from your veterinarian. Ask your vet for the best shampoo.

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