Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Act your age!! But your pets don't have to

Keep Your Senior Pets Alive and Alert with Ask Ariel Supplements
Senior pets don't have to act old! Senior cats and dogs have special needs. They need a reduced fat, moderate protein diet rich in Omega 3 fatty acids to keep their brains functioning and their joints moving---just like us! Senior pets need plenty of antioxidants, fish oil, heart and joint support. Here are some great choices to keep your senior pet alive and alert!
Here are a few great vitamin supplement options for your senior cat or dog:

  • Oxicell SE--The No Hassle, Pill-Free Vitamin For Pets! Now available in a convenient pump. The same great formula for people is also excellent for pets! Easy to use-- just rub on their ear tips and neck! This is great news for people with "brat cats" that scratch and are nearly impossible to administer pills! The fabulous antioxidants are directly absorbed into the skin--backed by research--this is one special product. Excellent value too--a little goes a long way.
    This is a one-of-a-kind cream that delivers critical antioxidants into the body helping fight free radical damage and inflammation. Oxicell SE is a great option if your pet is suffering from liver problems, cancer, arthritis, kidney disease or other inflammatory conditions.

  • Vitality NOW!--Gives Pets Energy, Supports Heart Health, Burns Fat, Helps Muscle Spasms

  • Amazing Omegas potent formula for lustrous skin and coat, joint support

  • Resveratrol Synergy Longevity, heart support, energy

  • Ocuforce vision, eye support, vital antioxidants

  • Lipoic Synergy blood sugar regulation, liver support
    For more information on these products and others, please visit our website!