Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Almond Flour For Baking

Wanted to pass on a nutrition tip that is great for anyone who likes to bake. This is especially nice if you eat gluten-free. Try using some almond flour in place of regular flour in your baking. Today I baked some gluten-free, sugar-free cookies and they were tasty. Almond flour is just ground up almonds but you can make cookies out of it or replace some of your baking mixture with it. Has a delicious RICH flavor. I also use coconut oil in place of some butter and combined with the almond flour is very delicious. Almond flour has many benefits. It is higher in protein than regular flour and MUCH lower in carbohydrates. When we eat high carb foods, we have a tendency to crave more and more as our insulin goes up. Ever find after you eat one brownie that you have to eat 3 more--that is why!!! So by using some almond flour in your baking, you can reduce your overall carbohydrate intake and the insulin surge that follows eating high carbohydrate foods (especially if you use lower glycemic sweeteners rather than sugar for the baked item).

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