Saturday, March 19, 2011

Doberman Head Tremors--Holistic Care Can Help

Q: What is the brand name of the "Digestzymes" you use? A LOT of hits come up by petting Digestzymes in the search bar and there must be a hundred different companies/formulas. What do you use for "parathyroid" support? My 20 month old male Dobermann is having small, sporadic head tremors recently.

Please help. I can't stand his life being anything but absolute perfect happiness 24/7. He is my reason for living

A: We understand how upsetting your doberman's head tremors must be. Many people (even some medical professionals) don't comprehend what it is like as it is a very unusual type of condition and unless you witness it, it is very hard to understand. Basically, a head tremor is when a dog's head starts uncontrollably shaking from side to side. It can last for a few minutes and what seems like eternity. It looks similar to those bobbing dog statues. Unlike a doll however, in this case, it is your beloved dog who is suffering.

Holistic care can definitely control the frequency of canine head tremors. Unfortunately, there isn't a simple formula--ie. give your dog these two supplements and the problem will go away. We use K9 Digestive Enzymes, featured on AskAriel. K9 Digestive Enzymes helps dogs and cats improve the absorption of nutrients, enhances digestion and reduces gas and diarrhea. It is good for any pet whether they have head tremors or not. The parathyroid supplement, and other supplements should be carefully reviewed by a veterinarian or veterinary professional before administering.

Here is what is needed to reduce the frequency of head tremors:
1) Put your pet on a grain-free hypoallergenic diet
2) Use Omega oils such as Amazing Omegas
3) Do not use any treats that contain gluten, corn, chicken, etc--all that contain potential allergens that could trigger an attack
4) Use a digestive enzyme such as the Digestzymes mentioned above that will ensure your dog properly absorbs the nutrients in the food
5) Work with a veterinary professional to determine what your dog's triggers are: e.g. low blood sugar, calcium deficiency, food allergies

Dr. Gordon and I provide holistic telephone consultations to help dog owners whose pets have complex health issues such as head tremors. After reviewing your dog's laboratory tests, we would develop a complete holistic plan for your dog including a special diet, supplements and other holistic modalities you can use to help your dog's head tremors. One thing is for sure--holistic care definitely does reduce head tremors in dogs. We have had tremendous success because many times the triggers (differ depending upon each dog's unique circumstance) are common daily foods and activities that you may not even realize could be a problem for your dog. Click here to learn more about holistic telephone consultations.