Friday, February 18, 2011

Emmett Finds His New Forever Home


What a sweetie! Emmett is an absolutely adorable 4 year old Bichon Frise / Miniature Poodle mix. He was brought into the Orange County Animal Care Center (a high-kill shelter in Orange, CA). His owners were contacted but they never picked him up. Emmett was at the Orange County Animal Care Center for a whole month -- he was running out of time. Ariel Rescue saw that Emmett needed help!

Emmett was adopted out of the shelter by one of Ariel Rescue's volunteers. Then he was taken to the vet for an exam. He needed eye medication because his dirty hair had been in his eyes. He was fostered in an Ariel Rescue volunteer's home, where he received his "beauty bath" and was given very nutritious food to eat. After one week, his eyes were healed and he was ready for his new home.

Emmett has now found his new forever home with an older couple. Emmett spends his days taking walks and snuggling in the lap of his new "dad". Emmett never again has to be the sad dog passed over at the shelter. Now he is the pampered, well-loved dog that he deserves to be.

Ask Ariel donates a portion of the profits from client purchases to Ariel Rescue, a non-profit charity dedicated to to saving the lives of shelter dogs.