Monday, January 3, 2011

Diet for 6 year old Yorkie

Q: Thankfully, I stumbled onto your blog ;)

Can you please tell me what things I can make for my 6 year old yorkie. I'm not sure what I should or shouldn't be feeding her.

A: This is a terrific question! We work with many, many yorkies and there is no "one" perfect diet that is right for all of them. The reason is that yorkies can have many sensitivities and it is very important to monitor their health. Some yorkies can have a predisposition to liver problems, pancreatitis, IBD and other digestive conditions. So.....without knowing your yorkie's medical history, it would be very difficult to give you specific suggestions.

As a first step however, I would highly recommend getting laboratory tests done on your yorkie including a blood panel and urine analysis. Many times, yorkies, with their sweet nature, may appear playful and fine but in reality, could be having some health concerns. A lot of the time, pet owners may confuse picky eating, especially with yorkies as a more "humanized" cuteness but the reality is--could be an indicator of an underlying stomach acid problem. Since this is quite common, I would recommend using a high quality Probiotic, such as our Power Probiotic to help your Yorkie with overall digestion and good health. This will help prevent digestive problems, especially as she gets older.

If you have already had your yorkie's health completely evaluated, then use some general principles to select the right food and treats for your dog. Do not give Yorkies high-fat foods ever, e.g. peanut butter, cream cheese, cheese, etc--these can be very hard on their digestive system. Use lean meats and plenty of vegetables. Try to use a hypoallergenic, balanced diet. Remember also that what might seem like a small portion, could be a lot for a small adorable Yorkie! If you would like a more detailed, custom diet specifically developed for your yorkie, please know that Susan Davis, our nutritionist, would be happy to help and offer telephone consultations.