Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Cat With Renal Failure (CRF) Improves with Kidney Health

My cat, Petals, was diagnosed with renal failure from her blood work. And, indeed, she was urinating frequently. After I had her teeth cleaned under general anesthesia, she seemed worse. By worse, I mean, she was urinating lots more and thereby drinking more water to quench her thirst. Even though I fed her raw food for cats with good results, Petals craved her favorite treat and I gave it to her not knowing that it contained high crude protein. She began vomiting her meals and grew weak and listless. I thought she was going to die.

For two days she could hardly walk while I kept her hydrated with a eye dropper. I began making funeral plans in my mind--basically wondering at what point should I take her to my vet to put her under. Then my order of Kidney Health from Ask Ariel arrived. I had decided to order it as a last ditch effort, wondering if its power to help kidneys flush out toxins would help my cuddly pet. And help it did! It was like night and day.

Within hours she was eating and not coughing up her wet food. Better yet, she was drinking water on her own and getting stronger. Today she does not urinate excessively. She acts like a healthy cat with a great appetite! Because she is18 years old, I have learned to buy all foods and treats with low protein; and I give her Kidney Health daily. I was so concerned that Petals would not ingest foods mixed with Kidney Health (she's fussy that way). I found that she eats with the same amount of gusto, doesn't hesitate, when her meals contain the Kidney Health powder! I'm so pleased.I believe I'll have my little companion around for an even longer time! Thank you, Ariel! Bless you! Alice