Friday, October 1, 2010

Canine Lung Cancer Testimonial

When my 95 pound boxer, Marconi, turned 12 years old, he was diagnosed with canine lung cancer during his yearly physical. The cancer could not be surgically removed and chemotherapy was not an option, either. The vet thought that Marconi would have about a month to live. Susan told me what supplements I should use to help Marconi boost his immune system, to try to slow down the canine lung cancer. I gave Marconi Digestzymes, Amazing Omegas, OncoPet and Immunitone. Six months later Marconi still didn't have any symptoms. The vet couldn't believe how well Marconi was doing and said that he would probably just live as long as if he didn't have cancer. Two months later Marconi finally started coughing. Susan told me to give him ApoPulm to help with his coughing. The ApoPulm gave me an addtional three weeks of time to spend with Marconi. He ended up living a full 8 months after his canine lung cancer diagnosis, without any signs of cancer until the very end. I am very grateful to Susan for giving me so much time with my beloved Marconi.