Monday, September 13, 2010

Holistic Alternatives for Sinus Infections in Dogs and Cats

It can be very difficult to treat chronic sinus infections in cats, dogs and people as well. The goal of holistic care is to help the body not only fight the infection but to create an environment in the affected area that will not enable bacteria and yeast to thrive.

Using antibiotics can be a lifesaver when a bacterial infection is present. However, antibiotics can also affect the good bacteria which help our immune system to fight against infection. As a result, many people find that once the treatment of the antibiotics is over, the infection returns.

This can be due to the fact that the immune system isn’t getting enough support and the bad bacteria just regrows more rapidly than the body can handle. In addition to the structural reasons, this can also be due to an underlying viral infection that was present before the infection or yeast overgrowth that has now set in as a result of the antibiotics killing off the good bacteria. It can become a vicious cycle of using antibiotics and then getting yeast. This problem is not just in our sinuses, but can occur anywhere, especially moist areas where yeast can thrive.

To offset this problem, it is highly recommended that you use Power Probiotic when taking antibiotics to help replenish the lost “good” bacteria. In addition, if your pet has a history of ear or yeast infections, it is advisable to use products such as K9 Yeast Defense along with the antibiotic and/or anti-inflammatories to counteract the yeast.

Changing the diet can also be very helpful. Many times yeast and bacteria overgrow when there is a food allergy or too many carbohydrates in the diet. Dogs and cats can be allergic to poultry, for example or grains such as wheat, corn, gluten or oats. Carbohydrates in most dry kibble for example, can break down to sugar which help feed the infection.

Using a high protein, hypoallergenic, grain-free, high moisture diet will help. It is also important to use Omega 3 fatty acids to help fight inflammation. Amazing Omegas is a highly purified fish oil product that can provide your pet with important Omega 3s at a concentrated, therapeutic level.

If your cat is suffering from a virus such as feline herpesvirus, sinus and upper respiratory infections can be a secondary symptom and a sign of a weakened immune system.  We have had success helping cats with chronic viruses using two homeopathic remedies:  Quent and Not Drops.  These two supplements help to control the virus and support the cat's immune system.    Since sinus infections can be so difficult to treat, a multipronged strategy using diet, supplements along with conventional veterinary care is needed. Below is a summary of supplements that can help your pet recover from a chronic sinus infection and can be used along with medications prescribed by your veterinarian.

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