Saturday, July 24, 2010

Holistic Care For Raised Mast Cell Tumor on Beagle

Q: I have a year and a half old male Beagle named Giovanni. Giovanni has had a one week old mast pink raised cell on the back of his head. The bump went from a small bump to a larger bump in a matter of a few days. And has not become any bigger in size. Last Friday we visited a Banfield Veterinarian. And they prescribed him Resortin. The instructions were to apply the cream twice a day for two weeks. And check back in two weeks if nothing has changed. So, it has been a few days and nothing has changed. On top of applying the cream the Veterinarian said that Benadryl is good to give him as well. And we give him 25mg twice a day every 12 hours. All I can do is wait and see what happens when we hit the end of two weeks. I am also in the process of taking him to a holistic Veterinarian here by my house. I should be able to get in this week. Please help us. Is there anything we can put on it? I know surgery might be a option if nothing changes the Vet told me. The vet also said that this might be something that might clear on its own over time. He also noted that usually when he sends this down for a biopsy, they get the result backs and it shows that it was in the process of all ready healing.
A: Thank you for submitting a question to our blog. We submitted your question to Dr. David Gordon, holistic veterinarian, and here is his response:

"The only way to know what any suspicious lump is would be to do a fine needle aspirate first. If this is inconclusive, then a biopsy would be recommended. A fine needle aspirate will give some indication of the diagnosis in over 50% of cases. " dg

In addition, we HIGHLY recommend scheduling a telephone appointment with us to help with Giovanni's diet and supplement protocol. These growths can become a chronic problem and may be exacerbated by food allergies. We can really help you to address Giovanni's health going forward. In the meantime, we also recommend using the Amazing Omegas and Proaller/Notatum (Pet Skin Package) on Topically, would also recommend using Argentyn which directly supports natural healing of the skin. Argentyn is a wonderful product and we use it for many types of skin inflammation and irritation.

Wishing you all the best with Giovanni. Susan Blake Davis, CCN