Friday, July 2, 2010

Dog Scratching, Dry and Flaky Dandruff on Dog's Coat

Q: I have a 3 year old ShtZu that stays in the house all the time. She scratches herself all the time and her skin is dry and flaky like dandruff. What can I do for her?

A: Your dog could have BOTH food and environmental allergies. For starters, it is really important for you to use a pure and effective Omega 3 fatty acid supplement. We highly recommend Amazing Omegas to help with your dog's dry and flaky dandruff. Amazing Omegas can make your dog's coat soft and will help reduce the dandruff in just a few days. Omegas add a beautiful sheen to the coat and lubricate the skin. In addition, they reduce inflammation to help fight allergies.

You need to address your dog's food allergies as well. Be sure to look carefully at your pet's food label as it might contain grains such as corn or wheat. Also, chicken can be a big allergen too. You might want to consider a frozen raw food diet or a canned diet using a "novel protein" such as rabbit. Be sure to avoid key allergens such as wheat, corn, milk products, chicken and peanut butter. Dry food is not recommended for dogs with allergies as it can promote yeast overgrowth since many dogs don't digest it well.

To help your dog get some relief, I would highly recommend Ask Ariel's Pet Allergy and Skin Package. The Pet Allergy and Skin Package includes Proaller, Amazing Omegas and Notatum which work synergistically to reduce scratching, itching and infection. You might also want to include a Probiotic in your dog's regimen too as it helps support your dog's digestion, immune system and allergic response.