Monday, June 14, 2010

In Memory Of Beloved Robert Weinstein, My Stepfather

Our dear Bob passed away yesterday. He just celebrated his 83rd birthday on June 5th. He made an incredible fight but the pneumonia and complications from open heart surgery were just too much for him.

Bob was a thoughtful, generous and caring person who took care of Selma, our mother for 38 years. They had a wonderful life together and enjoyed terrific times going on cruises, shopping and just being together. He could never do enough for Mom who was disabled with multiple sclerosis, diabetes and then later Alzheimers. His only concern was always what was best for Selma.

Bob was a wonderful father and stepfather and gave so much of himself. He was so kind to others in his community too and for years volunteered his time to bring in baked goods for the seniors in his apartment complex.

Bob suffered terribly as a result of the complications due to his surgery. We are so grateful he is at peace now and will miss him terribly. We love you Bob. You will live forever in our hearts!