Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Supplements for Dog With Arthritis

Q: have a 9 year old dog who is showing signs of arthritis. i want to put her on your supplements and also look at her diet. she has been on vegetarian dog food her whole life and i'm wondering how can i switch to homemade, possibly raw, but mostly vegetarian food for her (maybe i can add some fish, but mostly use nuts?) i'm not sure where to turn for recipes.

A: While giving dogs vegetables is highly recommended, nuts or soy as the primary sources of protein for a dog is not. Dogs need some animal protein. This can be a very tough issue for people who are vegetarians as you may not want to have any type of meat protein in the house. However, if you were to consider what your dog might eat "if in the wild", nuts would not be the top food on the list. Fish is an excellent option though and you can try eggs as well. It should be a balanced diet however, not a "do it yourself" as there is a risk you could be giving your dog an imbalanced diet, even though you have the kindest of intentions.

There are some supplements that will greatly help your dog's arthritis. For starters, I would highly recommend the Dog Arthritis Package on The package includes three key products for arthritis: 1) Amazing Omegas which is a highly purified fish oil product for dogs, 2) Amazing Arthrosoothe which contains key herbs for joint pain including MSM, boswelia, green lipped mussel as well as glucosamine and 3) Curcumin complex for pets--which greatly reduces inflammation and pain. In addition, you might want to consider Collagenex 2 which is a simple, easy to use formula that relieves joint pain in 7-10 days and is backed by considerable research.