Monday, March 15, 2010

Cat with Chronic Renal Failure (cat kidney disease) is Feeling Better with Natural Kidney Support Supplements

Dear Ask Ariel staff,

This is just an update on Ranger, my 14 year old kitty with kidney disease (CRF). I ordered the following supplements from Ask Ariel (Kidney Terrain, Renelix, Rehmannia 8, Protease and Purozyme) for Ranger on Friday Jan 29th. To my great surprise, they arrived here in Upstate NY on Monday Feb 1st! Which was great as Ranger was near death on Feb 1st and 2nd. She hid to sleep constantly. Usually they hide to die! She was in REALLY REALLY REALLY bad shape. I've had one cat die of Liver disease and two others of Renal Failure. Ranger is the 3rd I've had with Chronic Renal Failure (kidney disease) so I know how they act before they die. (I'm so disappointed that I didn't know about your company back in 2003... perhaps my other three kitties could have lived a couple more years). Oh well.

Anyway, Ranger was near death on Feb 1st when the supplements arrived. I gave them to her but assumed she was probably too far gone by this time and I was kicking myself for having waited too long. However after three to four days she started eating more (although she still won't eat a lot), was more alert, less sleeping and got her "motor mouth" back! Since then she has had only TWO BAD DAYS... and although I truly wish she would eat more, she does eat though! I know she isn't cured... but these meds are giving her MORE TIME and MORE QUALITY TIME with me. And for that I am truly grateful! I just love this little girl so much. She will be 14 sometime this Spring. Anytime Feb to April as I don't know her exact birthday. But she's 14 and I can possibly see that if she stays the same as now, she may be around awhile more. THANK YOU!!!!!!!

Daniel Lafler NY email: