Thursday, January 21, 2010

Cat with advanced chronic renal failure CRF--Can holistic supplements help?

Q: Hello,I have a 4yr old domestic short hair calico. She has advanced stage crf.I am giving her sub-Qs with vitamins(200ml per day) Amphogel(2ml),Enacard(2.5mg)Clavamox(62.5mg),and anti-nausea meds and I switched her to a raw diet according to Anita Frazier's Natural Cat.She isn't eating and seems to be anemic.Is there any product that you offer that will make any difference at this point in the game? I have also looked into kidney transplant and discovered that it is out of our financial range. Please answer as soon as you can if you think that there is something I can still do to save her.

A: So very sorry your kitty is so sick. And....especially at such a young age. Most of the cats with advanced chronic renal failure (CRF) are elderly cats. It is very common for cats to have some degree of renal insufficiency as they age but having a young kitty be diagnosed with this condition must have been devastating for you.

Cats with kidney disease need a reduced protein, reduced phosphorous diet. Without reviewing your cat's specific laboratory tests and history, it would be very difficult for me to assess what your cat's prognosis is. However, what I would say is that I have seen some miracles using the holistic plan for CRF kitties that Dr. Gordon and I provide. Many clients come to us with cats near death and we have had some success. It requires a complete holistic plan using our fluid recommendations, supplements, diet plan, acupuncture, etc.

In terms of products, for anemia, you can try Renelix and Marrow Plus (there are additional conventional veterinary treatments available as well). The Kidney Terrain, Kidney Health and Purrfect Pet CoQ10 are the most commonly ordered products for cats. Recently, we had a young rescue kitty that had been abused (from a horrible "hoarding" environment with little access to water) who suffered with advanced CRF. Pierre's laboratory tests (BUN, phosphorous, Creatinine) were extremely high and the prognosis was poor. The owner was considering putting Pierre down and then scheduled a combination appointment with Dr. Gordon and I via telephone. Here is a recent email we received 6 months following our consultation:

"Hate to bother you on a Sunday, but I just wanted to tell you Pierre is acting as he did before he was sick!! This morning he is up and about, not hiding anywhere, following me everywhere, and up in the window watching outside and getting excited when he sees the doves come to the feeder outside the window. I have been hydrating him every day, and keeping on track with my schedule of supplements & meds. You just don’t know how happy it makes us to see him acting so normal today, he acts as if he feels really good.

Thanks you so much, everyday shows improvement."

While we wish all of our clients' cats could fare as well as Pierre, by doing all you can to help your kitty, at least you know you tried. Many pet owners feel dismayed after their pet's pass that they could have done more so it is important to try, even when the odds may not seem in your favor. We have seen pets turn for the better substantially after following our holistic protocols..