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Republished:  3/19/2024

Are you looking to save on pet supplements? AskAriel.com has been a trusted source of premium pet supplements and expert pet nutrition tips since 2005.  We are dedicated to providing 
 natural and effective solutions to help your pets live their happiest, healthiest lives. Our pet supplements are of the highest quality, meticulously sourced without compromise, yet offer exceptional value for pet owners. 

Our wide range of pet supplements are carefully crafted to address a variety of common health concerns in cats and dogs. Whether your pet is struggling with digestive issues, joint pain, skin allergies, or any other health condition, we have products designed to support their wellbeing from the inside out. Our products are 3rd party tested and GMP  (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified, ensuring the highest quality standards and safety for your pet's health and peace of mind. GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certification demonstrates our commitment to following stringent guidelines throughout the manufacturing process, from sourcing ingredients to final product formulation.  Rest assured, with our cat and dog supplements, you can trust in their purity, potency, and reliability for your pet's wellbeing.

We are also committed to helping pet owners save money and get the best value while prioritizing their pet's health. We understand that providing the best care for your pet can come with financial challenges, which is why we offer a range of money-saving opportunities.  With our exclusive coupons, you can enjoy perks like free shipping on selected products, free shipping on orders over $150, and discounts on product kits such as our Immune Support Kit and IBD Kit.  Our supplements come in extra-strength capsules, enabling pet owners to get increased value for their money.  Many of our products offer 3 -4 month supply for small to medium sized pets.  These savings make it easier than ever to invest in your pet's wellness without breaking the bank.

At AskAriel.com, we're a community of passionate pet lovers dedicated to helping your pets thrive.  With every order, we provide complimentary diet tips to ensure you achieve the best results for your cat or dog. Our goal is to help you experience the transformative effects  natural pet supplements can have in your pet's life. Join the ranks of thousands of satisfied pet owners, including veterinarians, who rely on AskAriel.com for our superior quality supplements and invaluable diet advice.

Originally Published 11/2009
Revised and Updated 3/2024
Author:  Susan Blake Davis