Thursday, October 1, 2009

Holistic Care for Kitten with Eye Discharge and Chronic Infection, Immune Weakness

Q: My ten month old kitten is suffering from eye redness and green discharge from both eyes. His vet treated him with Terramicyn ointment. This started
late june 09, he gets well for one week then gets it back all over again.
Any suggestions?

Answer from Susan Blake Davis, Pet Nutritionist: The green discharge and eye redness is a sign of chronic infection. Your poor kitten has a weak immune system and you need to help him rebuild his health using improved diet and supplements. First, take a look at what you are feeding and try to use a good quality food that is free of byproducts and grains. Use a holistic brand such as Natures Variety, Primal, Wellness or Innova. Next, you need to use some supplements to help your kitten repair his immune system: Samento, Notatum, Power Probiotic, available on are all good choices to start with and are easy to administer to cats.