Sunday, October 25, 2009

Dog Limping--Would Natural Supplements Help?

Q: My 12 year old lab mix is limping on occassion after we take a walk. I brought her to the vet, we got XRAYS but there is just some arthritis there. I am using Synovi joint support but was just wondering what else I can do. The vet gave me Deramaxx but I am afraid to use it. The limping is just occassional and I was wondering if there was any natural supplements I could try.
Betty in Kansas

A: Hi Betty,
I am so glad you asked about natural supplements for your dog's limping. When dogs are limping, it is very important to take them first to the veterinarian to have it checked out. Sometimes it can just be arthritis or old age. But sometimes, it can be a cancerous tumor or ligament tear that just came about. I have had clients tell me that their dogs had tumors that just appeared within a few again--always go to the veterinarian first.

Once your veterinarian has reviewed your dog's condition, there is a lot you can do. First, it is important to give your dog a healthy diet with plenty of green vegetables. Arthritis is an inflammatory condition and also an "acidic" condition. Green vegetables provide nutrients, vitamins and enzymes which help to fight inflammation and overall acidity. Sure wear and tear on the joints is an issue, but you can help your dog greatly with diet and supplements.

Next, remember, not all joint support supplements are alike. A recent study showed that for human supplements, very few even had the glucoamine and herbs claimed and even then many were not bioavailable. The secret to a good supplement is that it should be third party tested for potency and purity AND that it contains the ingredients proven to help. Joint support and helping arthritic symptoms goes way beyond simply supplementing with glucosamine. A good joint support should have ingredients such as collagen, green lipped mussel, hyaluronic acid and herbs such as boswelia. We get excellent results with ArthroStride.  In addition, for limping, give K9 CurcuMagic a try. This product has really wowed us with its fast-acting results.