Monday, August 3, 2009

Daisy the Rescue Dog Loses 31 lbs! Amazing Dog Weight Loss Success!

This is an amazing dog weight loss success story. Pictured above are before and after pictures of Daisy, the Ariel Rescue wonder dog who has now gone from 118 pounds to 87 pounds! Look at the difference in coat quality and body frame. Karen, head Ariel Rescue volunteer is doing a terrific job helping her to get to her ideal weight of 80 pounds. In the top picture, Daisy is wearing her backpack which helps her lose weight on her twice-daily walks. Below is Daisy's original photo. Daisy was so obese she could hardly walk. She could hardly get up. Her coat was dull and she could hardly wear a collar because it would fall off her head--her neck was so big the collar would just fall right off. Her owners dumped her at the shelter after they fed her nonstop. Her nipples were hanging down practically to the ground because they bred her in this awful condition!
Now, Daisy has a sleek gorgeous coat using our Amazing Omegas fish oil and is able to walk for miles. Every day, Karen and Daisy walk first thing in the morning and at night. Karen has kept her on a strict diet and given her plenty of green vegetables to fill her up. Daisy is full of energy and happy to be alive. She will soon be at her ideal weight and will find a forever home who will love and cherish her.