Saturday, May 9, 2009

Homemade Diets For Dogs with Cancer

On the Internet, there are many homemade diets for dogs with cancer and unfortunately most are not accurate. Some include unhealthy ingredients such as pork fat and other foods that might actually aggravate your pet's health. When your dog has cancer, you need to be sure you are providing the right BALANCE of nutrients that support your pet's particular situation. For example, we have many patients who come to us who are following a "dog cancer diet" they found online that advises them to use an overabundance of fatty protein when their pet has elevated liver or kidney blood values. We strongly urge you to schedule an appointment to get the exact percentage of ingredients based on your pet's bloodwork and symptoms. We do not have "canned diets" because every pet needs a different ratio and we use mathematical models to calculate for you. We work in conjunction with many veterinary oncologists and can provide you with sound advice not just about diet but about a supplement regimen that will support your dog with or without chemotherapy. Dr. Gordon and I see patients in person at the VCA Arroyo Animal Hospital in Lake Forest, CA and also provide telephone consultations to people all over the world about dog cancer and appropriate diets. You will need to schedule a combination appointment with me and Dr. Gordon if you would like advice regarding medications or your pet's prognosis. If you would just like advice regarding the best supplements and diet for your dog with cancer, then you can just schedule an appointment for a nutrition consultation.. If you would like to get expert advice on a cancer diet for your pet, please complete the pet health consultation form on for a telephone consultation or call VCA Arroyo Animal Hospital at 949-770-1808 to schedule an inperson appointment in Orange County, CA.