Monday, March 16, 2009

Kitten With Irritable Bowel Disease, Diarrhea and Colitis Finally Gets Better!

"Dear Susan,
Corny, but in all my 61 years, I don’t believe that I’ve ever written a testimonial, so here’s my first go at one. We consulted a month or so ago via phone about my then 5.5 month old kitten, Misha. Misha, a rescue from our local Humane Society, was in serious condition with hemorrhaging from her colon. Her veterinarian and I had exhausted all possibilities.You quickly identified the cause: food allergies and made some dietary recommendations which I followed. Misha’s veterinarian then started her on Sucralfate and Pepcid AC. In addition, I am adding 1/3 capsule of your Probiotic and 1/3 capsule of digestive enzymes to her pumpkin TID. Within 24 hours, Misha’s bleeding stopped. She loves the pumpkin, but adjusting to canned food and to rabbit took some doing and required an appetite stimulant. Although she still craves other foods, she is now gaining weight. I’ve learned that the pumpkin is essential, not only for its soothing properties, but for the fiber it provides in the absence of grains. She poops only every 48 hours. Misha was, when we consulted, a frightened and very sick kitten. So much had been done to her in order to save her life that she was literally undone.
So was I.

In addition to excellent, compassionate and concerned counsel, you also were aware of my stress and addressed this, as well as Misha’s problems. More, you wrote a personal letter of directions and support along with the products I ordered from you. I was impressed by what you did, Susan. And I thank you. Thank you. And again.
My university career was spent counseling/advising students of all ages, as well as teaching anthropology, so I was aware of your therapeutic expertise as we talked. But you did so much more: the over-time you spent while we talked; your willingness to be a resource; your sending samples of other products; and your personal touches, like the hand-written letter. I am, in addition to my professional “history”, a permitted wildlife rehabilitator with almost 40 years of experience under my belt. Appropriate nutrition is an on-going concern for those who work with wild species; yet I had not ever before encountered so compelling a need in one of the many cats I have rescued and loved over the years.
The service you provide is essential. It’s a gift. I would recommend you to anyone, and have.
Thanks, Susan. With a hug, Marg Smith"
March 2009