Monday, March 2, 2009

Adorable Yorkie Layla Sees Improvement with Pancreatitis

"Layla is a 3 year old Yorkshire Terrier who was diagnosed with pancreatitis in October of 2008. Our vet wanted Layla to be put on canned prescription formula to manage this and I knew I couldn't do that because I didn't agree with the ingredients in these foods. I talked to a friend who had used Susan in the past for her Yorkie with great success. Our vet was quite sure that Layla's issues could not be managed with a home cooked diet but we were determined to try. From the moment I talked to Susan in our first consultation I knew that Layla was in good hands and that through her help, everything would be fine. Layla was put on a strict diet with Susan's LypoZyme and Probiotics Layla's Spec numbers went from 740 (under 400 is considered normal) in October, down to 164 inFebruary. Our family is beyond thankful to Susan and all that she has done to save our girl from a lifetime of horrible canned food. I recommend Susan to anyone I meet who is considering home cooking or who is dealing with a dog with health issues- I just can't say enough about how knowledgeable Susan is and how deeply she cares."

The Pluss Family, Canada, Feb. 26, 2009