Sunday, March 8, 2009

14 1/2 Year Old Dog With Arthritis Goes Hiking Now!

"I attribute the happy, active life that my age 14½ Lab/Shepherd mix, Kona (photo attached), enjoys today to the compassionate and professional assistance that Susan Blake Davis and Ask Ariel have provided over the last four years. I came to Susan in 2005 because my then-age-ten 80 lb. pet seemed like he was fading and even "on his way out". He couldn't jump up onto the back seat of my SUV and was taking Rimadyl for his hip pain/degeneration. He had become increasingly listless and just moving around seemed too much for him to bear.

The fantastic suggestions that Susan provided began showing results right away and Kona started a steady path towards a fuller, happier expression of himself. I have used the products she recommended (ArthroStride, K9 CurcuMagic) every day for the last four years and just placed another order so Kona does not run out. I believe in these products and couldn't imagine being without them.

Today, we go on very aggressive uphill hikes three times weekly. Kona always brings up the rear on the way up and is in pain with every step, but he wouldn't miss a single step for the world! He studies my every move when he thinks I'm putting my hiking clothes on and once I go for my hiking shoes (the final clue!), he goes ballistic. His excitement is more than he can contain and is ecstatic all the way up the trail and back.

I am so grateful to Susan and Ask Ariel for giving me my beloved Kona's life force back and all the comfort we have given each other during the last four years. Thank you so much, Susan. What you gave us is precious and irreplaceable."

Guy Richardson, Los Angeles, CA