Friday, January 30, 2009

Tribute to Nero--K9 Iraq War Hero

Our hearts go out to the Jackson family, whose beloved dog Nero has succumbed to hemangiosarcoma. Dear Nero, a beautiful German Shepherd, served all of us in Iraq for two tours of duty as a bomb squad dog. After he finished serving our country, dear Nero was adopted by the kind Jackson family in Texas who gave him a loving home.

According to his military records, Nero led an active life as a bomb dog in Iraq, helping to save many lives with his intelligence and training, as well as “training” new airmen in the canine program at Lackland Air Force Base. Nero was deployed in 2007 and was spending a wonderful retirement with the Jacksons who cherished him.

The Jacksons, being in the Air Force, had heard Nero was to be released from service and spoke with his handlers about adoption. Nero served his new family with the same loyalty, protection and comfort that he provided all of us as Americans during his tour of duty. He was a great friend and comfort to Grace while Nero's dad was serving in Iraq. He even managed to get along with the cats!

We are so sorry to hear of Nero's passing. Hemangiosarcoma is a very aggressive form of cancer and can be a silent killer. All of us at Ask Ariel extend our heartfelt sentiments during this very difficult time.