Sunday, December 14, 2008

Response to Mask's Mommy

Mask's Mommy wrote:

How do you know what medications are ok to crush, mix with water and give in a syringe? We have struggled giving our cat named Mask his medication. We tried hiding it in all kinds of food, but he is too smart and would eat everything but the pill. I finally gave up and started using a pill popper which was commic at best. This link is dead on: Then I used the pill popper followed by a syringe of water to make sure it goes down and that has been working pretty good. We have to give him Prednisone and Leukeran (chemo). Is it ok to crush these meds, mix in water and give via syringe? Thank you,Mask's Mommy

Most supplements can be crushed and mixed with water or broth and placed into a syringe. One exception is SAMe. The effectiveness of SAMe is compromised when it is crushed and/or exposed to air or moisture. As far as medications, that is a different situation. You need to use caution when combining medications and/or crushing them. Some medications may have a protective coating and crushing them may reduce their effectiveness. It is best to consult your veterinarian's office regarding the use and administration of medications.