Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Update on Tessie's cancer progression

The past 10 days have been so incredibly painful that I haven't been even able to write. Tessie showed initial tremendous improvement but her body is so taken over by the cancer, there is no hope left. We are now in the "waiting" stage to find just the right time to put her to rest. We have been filled with so much grief and sorrow and anger too. One thing we have learned is that crying and sobbing in front of the pet is not good for anyone. We sobbed all weekend because we know the end is near and by Monday morning, our poor Tessie was shaking. This helped us realize that we will have to keep our emotions in check and be strong for her until it is all over. I can't believe what a difference it made!

I told Tessie I would be ok without her and that she was safe and if she needed to leave us, it would be ok. I took her to the park, even though I knew she could only walk a few steps and told her that I loved her and everything would be ok. She has perked up quite a bit and my taking the emotional pressure off my poor girl, it helped her feel better. We know we only have a few days left but are going to try to act cheerful in front of her so that it doesn't make her feel worse. This is probably the most important message I can provide to you--if your pet is very sick--please try to control your emotions and negative discussions. If you have to go outside or go somewhere else, please do that---it upsets them terribly. They love you and need you to be strong for them.

Think about yourself and if you were dying--would you want your loved ones to be falling apart? Just watching my husband cry broke me up terribly. It takes all of their energy away and whatever energy they have left to stay with you a little longer. Save your tears until after they are gone as much as you can. It is so difficult but do it for your beloved pet.