Monday, September 15, 2008

Question About Preparing Homemade Food For Pets

Q: My dog was recently diagnosed with kidney disease and lymphoma....I have to get his kidneys in better condition before he can start treatment for the cancer. Of course he wont eat the food the vet there a homemade food recipe that you can pass on to me, so I can get sammy into better shape.

A: So sorry to hear that your dog is diagnosed with these two conditions. We understand how stressful it is when a pet isn't eating. There are much healthier alternatives than using the prescription veterinary food but you need to be very careful in constructing your diet. One of the problems we see frequently is that when a pet is inappetant, people start feeding them anything--ice cream, cheese, bacon, etc--None of these are good for pets with cancer, kidney disease or anytime.

We don't use "canned" recipes for different health conditions because what works for one pet may not work for another. What we found to be most effective is to carefully construct, ingredient by ingredient a custom diet specifically for that pet. We interview you first and get insight into all of your pet's health concerns, e.g. food preferences, allergies, pancreatitis concerns, etc and then construct a diet that your pet will thrive on. We use mathematical models to determine the exact ingredients to make sure the diet is balanced. Just getting recipes from books or off the Internet, you most likely run the risk of giving your pet the wrong diet---one that might have worked for another pet, doesn't necessarily mean it is right for your pet.