Thursday, December 14, 2017

Best Hemp CBD Oil For Pets

 CW Paws Hemp Oil

Ask Ariel carefully researches and tests the products we recommend.  After trying over 10 different CBD formulas, working with 4 holistic vets, Ask Ariel is proud to introduce the CW Paws formula. The CBD market is like the Wild Wild West---there are hundreds of formulas and most of the products are inconsistent, not rigorously tested and use imported ingredients.   Most pet owners who have been very conscientious about not giving their pets food from China, for example, might not realize that much of the CBD from Hemp on the market today is imported.  

 USA Grown Organic


1 Fl oz. (30 ml)
MCT Fractionated Coconut Oil and 750 mg hemp CO2 Extract per bottle
Approx. 25 mg CBD per 1 ml

Mix into your pet's food or add drops directly to mouth.
What is CBD From Hemp?
Both marijuana and hemp are classified as cannabis and contain CBD. However, the CBD derived from the two plants are very different.  CBD derived from marijuana contains a high amount of THC which is a psychoactive and produces a euphoria feeling. Hemp CBD has only trace amounts of THC and has the benefits without the unpleasant side effects and psychoactive response. Pet owners have used CBD for a wide range of medical and behavioral issues with their pets.

Dogs may benefit from CW Paws Hemp Oil for:
·         Cancer
·         Epileptic Seizures
·         Pacing, anxiety or inability to relax
·         Pain from arthritis
·         Muscle spasms
·         Recovery from surgery or illness

Cats may benefit from CW Paws Hemp Oil for:
·         Poor appetite
·         Anxiety
·         Stress
·         Aggressiveness
·         Constant hiding
·         Pain management

Why CW Paws Hemp Oil from Charlotte's Web?
When it comes to CBD, you get what you pay for in terms of purity, quality and efficacy. Charlotte's Web controls the manufacturing process every step of the way.  The hemp is grown in Colorado using organic farming methods and the entire plant is extracted giving your pet the full spectrum of cannabinoids.  In fact, Charlotte's Web FDA registered manufacturing facility was awarded the Mérieux NutriSciences Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) CertificationEvery bottle of Charlotte's Web contains a batch number with a certificate of analysis.  Being GMP certified ensures that the product is third party tested for potency and purity and guarantees that the product provides what it says on the label.  Unfortunately, most CBD is over refined with chemicals and may contain more THC than indicated which can cause problems for your pet.  

The Charlotte’s Web Story
CW Hemp is a family owned Colorado Company and the exclusive provider of Charlotte's Web, the World's Most Trusted Hemp Extract. Founded by the Stanley Brothers of Colorado, CW Hemp leads the industry in quality, safety, consistency and social responsibility to support thousands of lives daily through the use of Charlotte's Web.*  Charlotte's Web is named after a very special child with Dravet  syndrome, a severe form of epilepsy and her amazing mother Paige who never gave up on her daughter.  If you are not familiar with this miraculous story of the healing power of hemp, it is a must read.

CW Paws is An Excellent Value 
We are recommending the CW Paws for pets over 10 pounds.  Pets under 10 pounds can use the product but it is very concentrated and harder to dose.  In addition to its consistency and rigorous testing for efficacy, CW Paws delivers much more CBD per mL than any other pet formula.  Compare most pet formulas and you will see that the total CBD in the entire bottle is usually between 100 and 200 mg (and who knows how much THC and chemicals!). This this can mean a difference of about 2-3 mg per mL in most pet products vs. CW Paws with 12.5 mg. There are 20 drops per mL.

With our extensive experience using this product with a variety of pets that have varying health issues, we include detailed directions by drop and per ML for your easy administration.