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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Ariel Rescue Saves Sydney the Emaciated Rescue Dog

Pictured above is Sydney, previously reported as Gypsy on 6/14, the ravaged and emaciated shelter dog from South Central Shelter. She is still very skinny but is making great progress. When Rhonda from Husky Haven rescued Sydney from South Central shelter, she could barely walk a few steps. She was so weak, her legs gave way underneath her. Sydney had 4 types of parasites including giardia, worms, was flea-infested and had a very bad upper respiratory infection.. Even though she is a very young dog under a year old, she was nearly dead. This truly shows the effects of not vaccinating, worming or caring from a dog. Sydney was an expensive dog most likely purchased from a breeder but her owners most likely never took her to the veterinarian. While we want to always use a holistic/nutritional approach when caring for our pets, this shows the incredible need for vaccinations, worming and flea treatments and when can happen when a pet is not given them.

Sydney is now in her 3rd week of care and is now being fostered by Ariel Rescue. She was so sick and is a full time job for anyone. Her giardia is highly contagious and she needed to be isolated from other dogs. Rhonda is caring for 30 homeless dogs at Husky Haven and Sydney needed serious medical intervention to survive. Dr. Gordon and I have been caring for Sydney and she is now transforming into the husky puppy she was meant to be. While still coughing, her respiratory infection is steadily improving and she is finally gaining weight! Black color is re-emerging in her gray fur and she is starting to get into much mischief. Every day she is gaining more energy and is starting to pull on a leash--uh oh! We are so happy Sydney was able to pull through.

Ariel Rescue is gratefully accepting donations on Sydney's behalf. We would be so appreciative of any type of donation to help pay for Sydney's extensive veterinary bills. Please send a donation to Ariel Rescue, P.O. Box 723 Dana Point, CA 92629 We will send you a tax deductible receipt for your thoughtful contribution.