Saturday, April 27, 2019

Protect You Cat From The Great Outdoors

If you are looking to join the over 36 million Americans who have the joy of being cat owners there is an important question to ask yourself…will your cat be an indoor cat or an outdoor cat? To protect your cat, you might consider having them be an indoor cat. In a recent study funded by Auburn University Cell and Molecular Biology Fellowship Program, researchers found that outdoor cats were three times more likely to contract a parasitic infection compared to indoor cats. Outdoor cats are also much more vulnerable to predators, cars, diseases and aggressive neighborhood bully cats.  Unfortunately, it is difficult to protect your cat in the outdoors. Cats can contract parasites from many sources including insects (such as ticks), prey or even the soil. They are much more vulnerable to If infected your cat can spread these parasites to other pets or even your family.  If your kitty is longing to go outside, consider harness training.  It has worked well for many cat owners especially if the kitty is started at a young age.