Saturday, August 19, 2017

4 Tips To Reduce Hairballs

Some cats regularly vomit hairballs and this is usually due to a dietary or digestive issue. While it's true that long-haired cats have more of a hairball issue than short-haired kitties, your cat's diet and digestive health are often the biggest contributing factors. Here are four tips to help reduce a hairball problem:

1) Avoid feeding your cat dry food--Cats need a high moisture diet and dry food is high in carbohydrates which are harder to digest. Cats are not big water drinkers. A raw frozen or canned food diet can be helpful for cats with hairball issues.
2) Add a probiotic to your cat's diet--Power Probiotic can improve your cat's digestion.  Pure, safe and natural, Power Probiotic is the best probiotic for pets. 
3) Mix a small amount of canned pumpkin into your cat's meals. If your kitty won't eat pumpkin, try mashed yams or sweet potatoes or even baby food yams (no onion). Pumpkin and sweet potatoes are high in fiber which is important to keep the hair moving through the intestinal tract.
4) Brush your kitty a few times a week. This should improve your cat's skin and coat, reducing hairballs.