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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Wheat Gluten in Pet Food: Can Be Harmful to Your Cat or Dog

Buyer Beware: Wheat Gluten is a Common Ingredient in Many Pet Foods. Here are just a few examples: Fancy Feast, Nutromax Cat, Natural Choice (the list goes on....). What is wheat gluten doing in the food? It's a cheaper source of protein than using real meat to convince you that your pet is getting nutrition when in fact, your pet is not. Wheat gluten is highly allergic and any cat or dog with bowel problems should not be eating food that contains it. If your pet has unusual, hard to diagnose problems such as hair loss on the tail, bouts of occassional vomitting or diarrhea, constant scratching---check your pet food label.  Look for grain-free, high moisture diets such as Instinct, Ziwi Peak and Primal.  

Many pet owners have cats or dogs that are having digestive issues such as inflammatory bowel disease or allergic scratching and itching.  Change your pet's diet!  Look for grain-free, high moisture diets such as Instinct, Ziwi Peak and Primal.  Just like with people, "you are what you eat".  Cats, especially are carnivores and have no need for food fillers such as corn.  It's very important to check the labels of your pet food.  In addition, all cats or dogs, regardless of their lifestage can benefit from two important nutritional supplements:
1)  Probiotics---these "friendly" bacteria provide the reinforcements for your cat or dog's immune system.  Probiotics are especially important if your pet has ever been on antibiotics.  We have had excellent success with the veterinary-recommended Power Probiotic.   
2)  In addition, it is essential to add purified, highly therapeutic fish oil to your cat or dog's diet.  Be sure the fish oil is purified for heavy metals and environmental toxins.  Fish oil may be added to some pet food brands, but pets generally need more than the small amount included in the food.  Fish oil provides many benefits including a lustrous coat, joint support, reduces allergy symptoms and so much more.  Amazing Omegas is purified with the highest standards and is third party tested.  Here is how the label reads:  Ask Ariel's Amazing Omegas For Pets: "This fish oil has not been chemically modified and hence supplies the Omega-3 fatty acids the way nature provides them. It is processed without solvents and is completely free of chemicals such as hexane. Third party testing also GUARANTEES that it is free of pesticides, PCBs, Dioxin and heavy metals including mercury."